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Partnering with Providers
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Caring for people is our passion. We design and test all of our programs in our own clinics to ensure they support the needs of your patients as well as your staff while accomplishing Medicare ACO and DCE quality performance objectives.

Caring for People is our Passion

We at Zia are passionate about people and are committed to their health and well-being. We partner with healthcare providers to deliver the highest quality of care so their clinics can prosper and their patients can enjoy all their life has to offer…

• Zia Health Management takes a progressive approach in the development of programs to support the interaction between patients and their providers. These programs focus on the health of the patients outside of the clinic situation and provide caregivers with insight as to the well-being of the patients under their care.

• The purpose of our programs is to better coordinate care of patients with their providers in the most cost-effective way possible, which creates a win-win for both patients and providers.

• Our programs help providers deliver the highest quality of care, increase compliance with Medicare’s recommended preventive exams, and achieve reduced hospitalization rates among patients. 

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We Design and Test Our Programs in Our Own Clinics

When it comes to provider / patient relationships, it’s not uncommon for a patient to see their health provider only once a year for their annual wellness check, unless they get sick. This poses a challenge for health providers to serve their patients with the best care possible, especially when the patient has developed any number of chronic conditions that should be monitored, or in some cases, will require ongoing care and treatment.

So, when Medicare released Chronic Care Management (CCM) in January 2015, Dr. Misbah Zmily, MD., founder of the Zmily Health Group, felt very strongly that his patients who qualified for this program needed to participate so he could offer the best care possible for their situations. He assigned his lead nurse to develop a CCM program for his patients and then hired additional staff to support the program. Because he is so passionate about the care his patients receive, he wanted to ensure each patient was assigned to one of his care team members so that they could build an individualized relationship and maintain a strong sense of familiarity during each interaction. This is something we do and will continue, as we believe it is fundamental to quality care.

As his patients began experiencing the benefits of the program, some of his colleagues started to consult with him to understand how they could implement the program in their practices as well. This prompted Dr. Zmily to create Zia Health Management, and his team has been supporting patients for multiple clinics since.

As Medicare continues to release additional preventive care programs, Dr. Zmily and his team immediately implement these in his own clinics. Once our team has established process and quality controls, we expand them to our partner clinics. It has been our experience that the patients who proactively participate in these programs and stay connected with their provider, are much more likely to remain healthy and active. We have also been extremely successful with our ACO clients in contributing toward shared savings annually for the past 3 years, and are looking forward to assisting our new DCE partners as well.

One of our patients in Raton, NM had this to say of the care she receives, “They’re very good about responding. If they see something that they think might need attention, I’ll get a phone call and I really appreciate that. It’s obvious to me that some live person, who knows me or knows my situation, checks on me on a daily basis… I know that when I get to my regular appointment, my doctor is going to have a graph of all those events. This includes exactly what it was, exactly when it was.”

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Why Us?

• Proven processes and quality controls in the clinic setting

• History of success with ACO clients in contributing toward shared savings

• Individualized Approach for Care Management
   - Personalized review of health-related problems and diagnosis
   - Review of patient’s medications, side effects, proper use, refills and allergies
   - Healthcare coordination with patient’s physician

• Patient access to exclusive 24 hour nurse helpline where a nurse can answer questions and discuss the patient’s healthcare and medical needs, and coordinate care with their provider.

Preventive Care to Live Your Best

Zia Care Programs

• Chronic Care Management (CCM)
• Advanced Remote Patient Monitoring (ARPM)
• Zia Wellness Program (BHI)
• Annual Wellness Visits (AWV)
• Transitional Care Management (TCM)

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