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Partnering with Providers to Deliver the Best Quality of Care

Zia Health Management is an ancillary program management company, partnering with medical practices, groups, ACO's, and other organizations to develop patient outreach programs to save time, increase quality of care, keep control within the practice, and bring healthier financials to our partners.

We take a progressive approach in the development of programs to support the interaction between patients and their providers. These programs focus on the health of the patients outside of the clinic situation and provide caregivers with insight as to the well-being of the patients under their care.

How can partnership with Zia Health Management benefit our ACO / DCE?

You want to benefit the practices participating in your ACO or DCE while helping Medicare manage expenses, we can help.

At Zia Health Management, we know how to help support your ACO or DCE organization with achieving your goals. We have been working with multiple ACOs over the past 5 years helping them achieve Medicare performance and Quality Measures, and beginning 2022 we’re working with some DCE organizations as well.

We are here to help you close the gaps in patient care and to assist you with your shared savings goals.

Our objective in partnering with you is to help you:
• Improve Patient outcomes
• Reduce Patient Costs
• Achieve shared savings goals for your ACO / DCE

Our business development team is happy to respond to any request for proposal where we can openly share what Zia can do for you.

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How can partnership with Zia Health Management benefit my practice?

Zia Understanding the Pressures Facing Your Practice

• Time Constraints - No Time to recruit, hire, train staff while caring for your patients and run your business
• Money Constraints - Expenses Going Up and Reimbursements Going Down
• Patient Care Demands - Patients don’t want to spend more yet they want and need more of your time, better quality care, and more attention from your staff
• Fee vs. Value - Increased Quality Scoring For Medicare Reimbursement

Zia is an ancillary patient outreach program management company. We are part of the Zmily Health Group, which owns and operates a network of small clinics. Because we have our own clinics, we understand the pressure facing medical providers today. We experience these same pressures in our own practices. This is why we design and test all of our programs in our own clinics before we offer them through Zia Health Management. We want to be sure our programs support the needs of your patients as well as your staff while accomplishing Medicare ACO and DCE quality performance objectives.

Our objective in partnering with you is to help you:
• Improve Patient outcomes
• Reduce Patient Costs
• Increase Profitability of your Practice

How can partnership with Zia Health Management benefit my patients?

Caring for People – That is our passion. That is what we do.

Contributing to shared savings for ACO and DCE organizations is great. Alleviating pressures for practices and helping them deliver better quality of care is extremely important. But at the end of the day, when it comes to health care, what is most important? Patient Care!

At Zia Health Management our primary objective is to help our partners deliver the highest quality of care so their patients can enjoy all their life has to offer. Our business is all about taking great care of people. That is what we do, and we love doing it. We love working with our partners, and we are committed to helping them provide the best care possible for their patients.

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